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by Elizabeth Harp

How to Start Improving Your Credit Score Today

Trying to understand the various factors that influence your credit score can seem overwhelming for those who are looking to improve their credit scores. Knowing what to focus on when rebuilding credit can pose quite the challenge, but take heart! There are a variety of short-term and long-term actions that you can take to start […]

by Scott Markland

VIDEO: Leveraging Your Credit, Splitting Payments & Budgeting Tips

  This video segment is from the main video segment from our financial education seminar we hosted covering credit and budgeting tips. See our credit blog series covering credit for more useful information.

by Scott Markland

VIDEO: Credit Composition, How to Use Credit & How Poor Credit History Affects You

This video segment is from the main video segment from our financial education seminar we hosted for Austin-area residents. In this portion, guest speaker National Credit Educational Services Founder George Cole speaks about the makeup of your credit score, how to responsibly use credit to build your credit score and history & how your life, […]

by Scott Markland

Holiday Contest: Your next three car payments on us!

Submit a short video (must be 30 seconds or less) explaining HOW rateGenius helped you and WHAT you were able to do with your savings! Only video submissions will be considered to win the prizes. See contest poster for more details. Submit your video via OR tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! […]

by Scott Markland

Perfecting Your Credit Score

Last week we did a breakdown of your credit score for a better understanding of what your credit score actually means. Let’s review improving your credit score. Unless you have a perfect credit score, there’s actions for you to improve your ranking. The FICO credit score ranges from 300-850. The national average FICO score is […]

by Scott Markland

The Reality of Improving Your Credit Score

If you’re someone with a less than stellar credit score, you’ve probably felt the effects of it. Less than stellar credit means facing higher interest rates and maybe more problems obtaining a loan. American consumers feel overwhelmed when it comes to credit education. I believe this stems from basic credit conversations consumers have with one […]

by Scott Markland

Credit Myths Debunked

Somewhere between the yellow brick road and the end of the rainbow, credit myths were born. Americans have accepted these myths without executing the proper research. Word-of-mouth travels fast. We’ll debunk common credit myths to point you in the right direction in order to make better personal financial decisions. Myth 1-Checking your credit report will […]

by Scott Markland

Breaking Down Your Credit Score: What you need to know

The rateGenius blog will be covering a three-part series of credit score information: Breaking Down Your Credit Score, How to Improve Your Credit Score and Credit Scores: Fact vs. Myth You know what a credit score is, but do you fully understand what it is? Let’s discuss and breakdown your Fair Issac and Company Score […]

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