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Check out our three-step auto refinance process to learn how easy it is to save money with RateGenius.

Apply for auto refinance

1Applying for Refinance

It only takes a few minutes to submit your application online or over the phone by calling toll-free at 866-728-3436.

You will need some general information about yourself, your current lender, and the vehicle you plan to refinance. Please have the following information handy when applying:

  • Name of current lender
  • Current monthly payment
  • Make, model, and style of your vehicle (i.e. Honda Accord EX)
  • Your vehicle’s current mileage
  • VIN Number (optional but helpful)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Compare auto refinance lenders

2Choosing your New Loan

Once your application is complete, our technology and team will work quickly with our lender network to find the best qualifying interest rate and monthly payments to fit your needs. If approved, you will be immediately contacted regarding your offer by phone, email, and text.

Lower your car payment

3Completing the Refinance Process

After RateGenius finds the best loan for you, your loan documents will be available for review in our secure customer portal or delivered to your door via UPS. Upon reviewing the details of the contract with your loan specialist, you will sign the appropriate paperwork and return it to RateGenius electronically or via the pre-paid postage envelope. Once your loan package is complete, RateGenius takes care of the rest. We will:

  • Payoff the remaining balance of your old auto loan to your former lender
  • Transfer the title to your new lender
  • Transition you to your new lender

That’s it. Just three easy steps to save on your auto loan!

What Our Customers Say

People love RateGenius because it saves them time and money.


joseph green

on Google

My rep was spot on with my whole process. She guided me thru everything I would need to do to ensure my loan would be completed properly. Can not say enough food things about her. Thank you.



Recommended on Facebook

Dillon & his team gets it done! We went from a nearly 17% APR to 3% APR in less than 2 weeks when we gave Dillon & RG team the green light! đź’Ż


Julie A

on Google

I had an overall ok experience. I accomplished what I set out to do, but there was a lot of opportunities for rate genius along the way. First my assigned loan officer processed my application incorrectly and then disappeared and I had to start over with a new loan officer. Then there were issues with the notorized documents. They said I could have all the signatures notarized at UPS, but failed to mention it would be $5 each. Not only that, the documents made the phone number ambiguous so the money I paid for the notary was for nothing. When I started the process over with a new loan offier, I was asked to submit the same documents two more times and sat in a bank for notarized signateures for almost an hour because they wanted everything done two more times. This time it was 10 signatures, but I was able to get them free at my local bank branch. So now I have worked with 3 employees to accomplish a very simple application. Then once I submitted everything correctly I heard nothing for over a week. I wish there were updates provided more frequently and some kind of expectation of the timteline outlines and followed through on. I am nervous that the first loan officer now has my personal information. No explanation was provided to me about why he disappeared or how my personal information would be protected as a result. The end result was what I wanted, refinance with a large down payment and with a much lower rate to pay off faster, and save on interest over the life of the debt. It was just frustrating getting there and honestly I hoped for a better rate that they offered considering the large down payment I was making to improve the loan to value ratio.



Recommended on Facebook

excellent customer service and they were able to cut my APR in half.