Service Contracts

Maintenance Coverage

Vehicle Service Contracts help to cover the cost of unexpected repairs. They’re a surprisingly affordable way to achieve peace of mind.

One of the perks of having a new car is that maintenance is usually covered under a manufacturer’s complimentary warranty, usually up to a certain mileage or time frame. One of the few, yet major, drawbacks of having a new car is a higher-than-necessary payment, motivating many newer car owners to trust RateGenius to find them a new rate by refinancing their auto loan.

Though manufacturer warranties are only dependent upon age, mileage, or service-type, not lienholder, they typically expire quickly – leaving drivers with the ever-increasing cost of regular maintenance and with the financial burden of unexpected repairs.

Some manufacturers also offer to sell the buyer an extended warranty at the time of purchase, which essentially broadens the scope of coverage to higher mileages and/or more diverse maintenance services. However, many of those products and programs are expensive; many even require upfront payment.

The RateGenius Solution – Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle servicing, whether scheduled or an unpleasant surprise, is expensive – and costs are rising. Because we understand the value of both peace of mind and the importance of preventing financial stress, we offer our customers the option to include a vehicle service contract into their refinance loan.

Like extended warranties, vehicle service contracts help cover the cost of unexpected repairs.

Why a VSC?

The same reason our customers choose to add VSCs to their loan is the same reason why people request extended warranties or purchase mechanical breakdown insurance – peace of mind. Unlike extended warranties or breakdown insurance however, our vehicle service contracts are more affordable, have broader coverage, and give you the power to choose.

Benefits of VSCs

  • Coverage for every need and budget – multiple coverage tiers
  • Typically come with a low or no deductible
  • Same peace of mind without the restrictions
    • Bring vehicle to any dealership or ASE certified mechanic of your choice
    • Older models and higher mileage welcome
  • Rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and towing included
  • Preparedness for the unexpected
  • Ability to spread out the cost over the life of your refinance loan

Contract Inclusions

Our vehicle service contracts offer different levels of coverage to meet your individual needs, with our most comprehensive package covering most of the major components of your vehicle, such as the engine, drivetrain, transmission, and electrical system, for up to 8 years or 125,000 miles.

Additionally, all vehicle service contracts automatically go into effect at the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty so that there is no lapse in coverage for your vehicle.

Because we offer several different options, talk to your loan officer or call us at 866-728-3436 to decide which plan is best for you.