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by Julia Guardione
Updated on: May 23, 2019

RateGenius Partners with Sponge to Create Online Question and Answer Platform

RateGenius has partnered with top Question and Answer platform provider, Sponge. This new online feature allows RateGenius employees and its customers to come together in an online community to discuss the benefits of auto refinance.

Austin, TX, November 20, 2010 –(PR.com)– While the RateGenius site has always offered information regarding the auto refinance process, customers still had many concerns. The Answers page provides RateGenius with a direct communication channel to address customers’ questions about refinancing their auto loan. The feedback provided through this application will give RateGenius insight on how to better inform and serve its customers in the future. Answers, powered by Sponge, also allows for users to communicate with one another and share personal thoughts and experiences.

Sponge CEO, Krutal Desai explains, “We started Sponge with the belief that there is a better way to facilitate knowledge sharing on the internet. We believe that conversations can cultivate meaningful relationships online. People want to know that someone is there to listen to them and answer their questions.

“Take our work with RateGenius, for example. Topics related to Automobiles and Finance can be daunting for people. The Sponge Q&A platform allows users to seek out the help they need from subject matter experts and a caring community, using a natural question and answer format that we all use every day, in real life.”

RateGenius partners with credit unions, community and federal savings banks, as well as national lending institutions, providing customers with one of the most financially stable and diverse lending networks in the industry.

RateGenius has funded over 61,500 loans since 1999, and is currently serving customers in 46 states.

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Julia Guardione

Julia Guardione is an auto refinance writer based in Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Texas State University and a lover of all things outdoors.

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