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by Julia Guardione

From the Desk of Roger Douville

Refinance loans a viable option for loan growth Growing and sustaining a consumer loan portfolio is a daunting task. I speak with the heads of many lending departments across the country about loan growth and how to get it. So many lenders turn to indirect in their haste to satisfy their appetite for loans. There’s […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Why Auto Refinance Makes Sense

With average car payments around $500, it is no surprise that Americans are turning to auto refinance to help put their families in a better financial position. Refinancing your auto loan with rateGenius can save an average of $81/month and the process is easier than ever before! Refinancing means that you are applying for a […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Minimize Your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint

With uncontrollable wildfires in the past few years, and a record-breaking summer in 2015, minimizing global warming effects has been a hot (pun intended) topic. While there are always alternatives to driving such as walking, riding your bike, or taking the bus, making changes to our daily lifestyle is easier said than done. We’ve compiled […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Plan 4th of July on a Budget

While a number of us look forward to celebrating the Fourth, it’s a holiday that gives Americans a reason to spend money on food, drinks, and entertainment. We hope to help you save money this Independence Day with these simple tips! Food and drinks are usually the main attraction for any party. Plan a potluck […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Lower Monthly Bills with 6 Easy Steps

With the cost of living skyrocketing in most US cities, we have compiled 6 simple ways to lower your monthly bills and increase the extra money in your pocket. With all the money you save we encourage you to pay off your debt or take a family vacation this summer! Refinance Your Car Refinancing your […]

by Jonathan Olsen

These 5 Bills Are Ripping You Off

Do you find yourself in a constant financial rat race? Never able to get a handle on your bills? Do you want to free up extra money in your budget? We’ve narrowed down the 5 monthly bills that are ripping you off every month. Lower these bills and you will be on your way to […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Minimize Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Last week we discussed a few ways for you to minimize your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Today, we have compiled tips that will make your home a bit more eco-friendly, and can also help save on your energy bills! Possibly the simplest way to minimize your carbon footprint is to plant a tree in your yard. […]

by Jonathan Olsen

Budget Friendly Camping in the US

Summer is finally here! Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a budget friendly vacation, or family entertainment; camping captures the best of everything. With hundreds of locations to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the greatest and least expensive camping sites. This national park is open year around with over 20 drive-in campgrounds and around 800 […]

by Jonathan Olsen

4 Ways to Save for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and the majority of us haven’t purchased a gift for dad. Planning ahead is undoubtedly the best way to save money, time, and stress. In order to help you, we’ve compiled a few out-of-the-box ideas that will help you save money this holiday. Exchange your coins There’s never been a […]

by Jonathan Olsen

4 Ways to Shop for Less

Let’s face it, spending money is fun for us, but can be dangerous for our bank accounts. We are weighing in on some ways to spend less money without losing the thrill of shopping! Subscription Services Subscription services have taken the world by storm. Today, you can go online and sign up for a TV subscription […]

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