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Check out our three-step auto refinance process to learn how easy it is to save money with rateGenius.

1Applying for Refinance

It only takes a few minutes to submit your application online or over the phone by calling toll-free at 866-728-3436.

You will need some general information about yourself, your current lender, and the vehicle you plan to refinance. Please have the following information handy when applying:

  • Name of current lender
  • Current monthly payment
  • Make, model, and style of your vehicle (i.e. Honda Accord EX)
  • Your vehicle’s current mileage
  • VIN Number (optional but helpful)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

2Choosing your New Loan

Once your application is complete, our technology and team will work quickly with our lender network to find the best qualifying interest rate and monthly payments to fit your needs. If approved, you will be immediately contacted regarding your offer by phone, email, and text.

3Completing the Refinance Process

After rateGenius finds the best loan for you, your loan documents will be available for review in our secure customer portal or delivered to your door via UPS. Upon reviewing the details of the contract with your loan specialist, you will sign the appropriate paperwork and return it to rateGenius electronically or via the pre-paid postage envelope. Once your loan package is complete, rateGenius takes care of the rest. We will:

  • Payoff the remaining balance of your old auto loan to your former lender
  • Transfer the title to your new lender
  • Transition you to your new lender

That’s it. Just three easy steps to save on your auto loan!

What Our Customers Say

People love rateGenius because it saves them time and money.



Very easy process, got a great rate, much better than my local credit union. I would recommend using RateGenius.



5 stars 5 stars.



fast good customer service



Good rate, okay service, terrible lender RateGenius found me a great new rate on my auto loan, and their service through the application process was pretty good. (There was some confusion on their end about forms because my state had rules they didn't seem familiar with, but that got worked out with relative ease.) The lender I was paired with, though, has been problematic - and while I realize that's not directly in the hands of RateGenius, they have to take some responsibility for the banks they partner with. I received nothing from my new lender (Elements Financial, by the way - beware) and finally called them a week before I was told my first payment was due to find out what was going on. They stumbled through getting me access to my account online and were not very helpful in directing me to how to pay. I eventually figured this out on my own, set up a payment, and now discover that they withdrew the payment I scheduled ON TOP OF an automatic draft that RateGenius helped set up. Elements' site is not at all user-friendly, so there was no way to see that an automatic payment was already set up, and this is where I blame RateGenius: as I was working with them, I was clear that I intended to pay more than the required monthly amount so that I could pay down the loan faster, and they stuck me with a bank that makes this process even more difficult. I'll be calling Elements tomorrow to get everything figured out so this doesn't happen month after month, but my advice to anyone who uses RateGenius to refinance is this: give it a try, but make sure you get ALL the details on your new loan, and avoid any partnership with Elements Financial if possible.