RateGenius Earns Prestigious Top Workplaces Honor, CEO Cites Empowering Nature of the Work

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RateGenius has been recognized as one of Austin’s top 100 companies and organizations in 2020 by the Austin American-Statesman.

RateGenius, a technology company that pioneered a proprietary, web-based platform that assists consumers nationwide in refinancing auto loans to more favorable terms, has been named a winner of the Austin American-Statesman’s annual Top Workplaces award.

What makes the award unique is that it is determined based on anonymous employee surveys that are administered by a leading provider of technology-based personnel engagement tools. The survey measures several aspects of a company’s workplace culture, including employee alignment, execution, and connection, to name a few, and compares results among a universe of similar-sized firms.

“This is a tremendous honor, one that validates our fervent commitment to our employees,” said Chris Speltz, CEO of RateGenius. “In this pandemic, it’s not easy to extend a workplace culture to a remote working environment. The fact that we have been able to do that is a testament to our employees’ passion for RateGenius and the values we espouse.”

This is a tremendous honor, one that validates our fervent commitment to our employees.Chris Speltz, RateGenius CEO

Speltz added that another factor in winning the award was the empowering nature of the work.

“Our employees love making life easier for our customers,” said Speltz. “The fact that our proprietary technology enables us to deliver the best rates to our customers and improve their financial condition means that our employees can leave work each day with a smile on their face.”

About RateGenius

RateGenius is a technology company, which has created a proprietary, web-based platform that has assisted hundreds of thousands of consumers nationwide in refinancing auto loans to more favorable terms. By utilizing its network of more than 150 lenders, RateGenius has successfully facilitated more than 375,000 loans worth more than $8 billion. The company’s proprietary LOS (loan origination system), educational content, and customer-experience-focused business approach have been instrumental in its success. RateGenius’ online application is quick, simple, and available from the comfort of your home at apply.rategenius.com.

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A better way to refinance your auto loan. RateGenius works with 150+ lenders nationwide to help you save money on your car payments. Since 1999, we've helped customers find the most competitive interest rate to refinance their loans on cars, trucks, and SUVs. www.rategenius.com

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