Gift Guide for Car Lovers

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Top gift ideas for car lovers (or anyone who drives,) to fit any budget.

The holidays are upon us! This means visiting with family and friends, eating lots of great food, and exchanging gifts with loved ones. If you’re looking for great gift ideas this upcoming holiday season, you might want to consider one of the following car-related gifts for every budget and style.

According to recent data, the average American spends nearly 11 hours per week driving their car. This is a notable amount of time… which means that getting a car gift is relevant for nearly every giftee on your list. Here are some of our favorite gifts for car lovers, or just folks who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

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Car Lovers: Best Gifts $25 and Under

For the one who enjoys being organized: Folding Trunk Organizer ($19)

🎁If you’ve ever opened your trunk or the back of your SUV and had apples roll down the driveway (No? Just me? Okay.,) you may appreciate the value of a solid trunk organizer. The Folding Trunk Organizer from The Container Store can help hold grocery bags, keep permanent trunk items in place (such as jumper cables and emergency water bottles), or even organize your gear for a road trip.

The best part, besides the $19 price tag? It folds up flat and compact when it’s not in use, making it an ideal car accessory for everyone.

For drivers of any experience: AAA 42-Piece Emergency Roadside Car Kit ($25)

🎁Being prepared for any emergency is a priority for all drivers, and can sometimes make the difference between a manageable situation and a dangerous one. With a well-stocked emergency roadside kit, rest assured that your loved one will be prepared for anything.

The AAA 42-Piece Emergency Roadside Car Kit comes with everything from jumper cables to a flashlight, flares, tools, first aid kit, duct tape, and more. It sells for $25 on Amazon.

For all your loved ones: Stinger Super Duty Car Emergency Escape Hammer ($17)

🎁This gift is perfect for anyone and everyone you care about (including yourself). An emergency tool like the Stinger Super Duty Emergency Escape Hammer is one of those things you hope to never actually need…but if and when you do, you’ll be grateful it was there.

The tool acts as a glass-breaking hammer and spring-loaded window punch. It also has a seatbelt-cutting blade, so you’re prepared for any emergency escape situation. You can buy this tool directly from Stinger for $17.99.

For the dog-lover: Frisco Quilted Water Resistant Bench Car Seat Cover ($24)

🎁Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are man’s car’s best friend. With a water-resistant car seat protector, your giftee can bring their muddy, hairy, slobbery pup along with them (in their dog-friendly car, no less!) without worrying about dirty seats or a scratched interior.

The Frisco Quilted Water Resistant Bench Car Seat Cover comes in three colors and is just $24 from Through Cyber Monday, it’s an additional 20% off, too!

For the one who is always in their car: Xergur 2-in-1 Steering Wheel Tray ($25)

🎁As a mom, I am always in my driver’s seat. I write emails in the car, eat meals in the car, and have definitely snuck in a nap or two while waiting in the carpool line at my kid’s school. If your loved one is the same, the Xergur 2-in-1 Steering Wheel Tray could be a super-helpful gift idea.

This tray clips onto a steering wheel, providing the driver with the perfect surface to type on a laptop, enjoy a nice lunch, or even write notes from the parking lot. It’s only $25.99 on Amazon, too.

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Car Lovers: Best Car Gifts Under $50

For the one into fresh scents: Anzazo Car Diffuser Locket ($29)

🎁Forget air freshener trees and plain black vent clips — car air fresheners can be beautiful, too! With the Anzazo Car Diffuser Locket, your giftee can enjoy the essential oil scent of their choice with the beauty of a stainless steel locket design.

This is also a great choice for anyone concerned about the chemicals in many traditional air fresheners. This aromatherapy locket car diffuser is available on Amazon for $29.

For the one who’s always detailing their car: ionvac Cordless USB Vacuum ($49)

🎁Whether they have an endless supply of crumbs (courtesy of small kids,) or simply enjoy keeping their car tidy, a USB cordless car vacuum could be an excellent addition to any car enthusiast’s cleaning repertoire.

The ionvac Cordless USB Vacuum from Macy’s fits the bill. It comes in three colors, includes two attachments, and includes a USB adapter/car charger. Plus, it has an MSRP of just $49.99. It’s currently on an extended Black Friday sale for an even better deal of $26.99!

For the one who enjoys a laugh: Customized Pet Car Shade ($46)

🎁A nice sunshade not only keeps your car cool on those hot days but also protects the interior from harmful UV rays. And with a customized pet windshield car shade, such as this one from DogLabz on Etsy, it can also serve to get a laugh from passers-by.

There are 10 different backgrounds to choose from, and you’ll just need to provide a photo of the pet you want featured; if you’d like, you can add additional passengers and pets, too. Production time takes 5 to 7 business days for this $46 custom sun shade, so you still have plenty of time to order before Christmas!

For the one whose phone is always dead: Car and Driver Car Vent/Dashboard Wireless Charging Mount ($36)

🎁If your loved one is anything like me, their cell phone operates at a permanent 10% (or lower) battery life. With a charging mount like the Car and Driver – Car Vent/Dashboard Mount, they can not only keep their phone hands-free while driving, but also charge it wirelessly in the process.

The phone mount works with most phone cases and is compatible with iPhone (Apple) or Android devices. This gadget sells for $59.99 at Best Buy but is currently available for $35.99 as an extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday special.

For the one who wants the newest and greatest: ACECAR Heads-Up Display System ($33)

🎁Some of today’s new cars come with a heads-up display, which can show you everything from your current speedometer to your RPMs, mileage, and even engine warnings, all on your windshield. These displays can be a pricey add-on at the dealership, but there are some aftermarket options that work really well, too.

For example, the ACECAR Heads-Up Display Universal Dual System offers a 3.5” heads-up display that works for any vehicle. It is available on Amazon for just $32.99.

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Car Lovers: Best Car Gifts Under $100

For the one always in the driver’s seat: Purple Simply Seat Cushion ($53)

🎁Long commutes, road trips, pregnancy, or just ageing hips…sitting in a car seat for long periods of time can really start to hurt your behind. With the Purple Simply Seat Cushion, your giftee can enjoy a comfier ride and (hopefully) less hip pain on those long drives.

The cushion offers Purple’s patented grid design for ultimate comfort and luxury, with a $59 price tag (currently, it’s for sale for just $53 on

For the clean freak: Chemical Guys Complete Car Care Kit ($99)

🎁Need to buy a great gift for that auto enthusiast who really enjoys a nice wax, or understands what a clay bar is used for? Then consider the Chemical Guys Complete Car Care Kit, which currently runs $99 on the Chemical Guys website.

This kit includes everything your recipient would need to wash, wax, detail, shine, and protect their vehicle, from windshield to wheels. The interior/exterior cleaning kit also includes microfiber towels and a scrubbing mitt, so all they need for a complete DIY car wash is to provide a bucket and some water.

For the one who wants to know what’s going on under the hood: Foxwell Diagnostic Code Reader Tool 

🎁With nearly 18,000 ratings and close to a 5-star review on Amazon, the Foxwell Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool can make it easy to know exactly what’s going on with your car parts at all times. This little tool can diagnose any check engine light, view a car’s emissions readiness status, view the vehicle’s VIN, read live data, and so much more.

If you want to save a trip to the dealership every time a new light comes on or something seems amiss, this tool could easily pay for itself the very first time. It sells for $69.99 on Amazon.

For the one who prepares: NOCO Boost Plus Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter ($99)

🎁While it’s always smart to keep jumper cables on-hand, they don’t do much for you if there’s not another car around to offer the volts. Plus, many modern vehicles are difficult to jump from another car’s engine.

Enter the NOCO Boost Plus Ultrasafe Lithium Portable Jump Starter. This portable system offers up to 20 jumpstarts on a single charge and works for up to 6-liter (gasoline) or 4-liter (diesel) engines. It is currently selling for $99.95 at Walmart.
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Car Lovers: Best Car Gifts Under $200

For the safety-conscious one: Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam ($169)

🎁There are many reasons to consider adding a dash cam to your car, from personal safety to insurance liability and more. With the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, available on Amazon for $169, your giftee can enjoy all of the above.

This camera offers both front-facing and in-cabin video capability, including infrared night vision, accident recording, 24-hour motion detection parking mode, and even includes a microphone. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who drives, whether they just want to feel secure around town or if they drive for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.

For the classic one: Dents Luxury Leather Driving Gloves ($127)

🎁While driving gloves are less of a necessity these days, they remain a luxury staple for any classic car driver or auto aficionado. Beyond being stylish they are also functional, serving to not only keep the driver’s hands warm and offer better steering wheel grip, but also reduce hand fatigue on long drives.

Plus, they take any driving experience up at least a few notches on style points alone, whether your recipient drives a Porsche 911, BMW, Ferrari, muscle car, or just an SUV.

One option for high-quality driving gloves is the luxurious Dents brand; their Suited Racer x Dents Touchscreen Leather Gloves run $127 on the Dents website.

Holiday Shopping for Car Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, consider whether any of the car-related items in this gift guide could fit the bill. While these items might not have made it onto your loved ones’ wish lists already (unless you have a bunch of car guys or gearheads to buy for!,) many of them are thoughtful gifts that could make their time behind the wheel safer, more comfortable, or simply more enjoyable.

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