Keeping Showroom Condition Longer: Car Grooming Guide

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by RateGenius

Everyone loves the smell of a new car.

The shiny fresh paint. The stain free seats. If only there was a way to keep your car in the showroom condition longer. Maybe there is.

Below is a list of things you can do to help keep your car in the newest condition possible.

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This may seem like common sense, but keeping up with your car and cleaning it often is the foundation to keeping it in its top condition. Keeping your car clean from dirt and dust is important to ensuring those things don’t cause damage, or even more damage than it already has. Another part of cleaning will be taking care of the damage that has already been done. Any scratches or dents need to be handled immediately.

The average person would wash their care every once in a while and probably ignore any minor damages such as scratches or dents. However to keep your car in showroom condition it’s essential that you stay on top of the damages and handle them immediately. This way they can’t get worse and they won’t add up. One scratch may not be an issue but after a while of it being ignored it could become worse and much more noticeable. And this is the exact opposite of keeping your car in showroom condition.

The same attention needs to be given to the other aspects of the car other than the paint job and overall body of it. For example your windshield and windows. They should be cleaned often, this will automatically give it a cleaner appearance. Another important aspect is the bottom/underneath of your vehicle. The areas that are most prone to rust or damage from driving it. There are rust treatments that you can apply to tackle the rust issues on your car. This is an important aspect of keeping your car in showroom condition.


Keeping it clean is just the beginning of the process. You want to keep it clean but you also need to protect it. Protect it from scratches, rust and any other environment caused damages. There are products from CarPro that do just that. They have a variety of products that do a variety of different things for your vehicle. Getting a product such as a ceramic coating could do wonders when it comes to keeping your car in showroom condition. Ceramic coatings help protect your vehicle much longer than a regular waxing could. Though waxing your vehicle is better than not doing anything, ceramic coatings provide more protection for a longer period of time than others.

Keeping your car protected also doesn’t necessarily mean buying expensive products. Something as simple as keeping your car parked in the shade can do wonders. The sun damages your paint fading it and this is irreversible. Something as simple as keeping your car parked in the shade could increase the longevity of your car’s paint.

Another step you could take to protect your vehicle is to get seat covers for the inside of your car. This is probably one of the best ways to protect your seats and their fabric from stains or wear and tear. There’s only so much you can do to prevent your seats from becoming worm from simply sitting in them. But the best way to try to avoid that is by getting seat covers. These are able to be easily taken off and washed or even replaced if need be.

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Probably one of the biggest keys to keep your car in showroom condition is maintenance. You can put in all of the hard work that we mentioned above but you just stick to it and keep doing it. If you do put in the hard work to keep your car clean and protected it’s essential you maintain it. Keep reapplying the ceramic coating when you need to, keep washing your car, keep parking in the shade. All of these small but meaningful things put together and done consistently will be the key to keeping your car in showroom condition.

We hope the steps mentioned above help you to ensure you’re able to keep your car in that nice new shiny condition everyone longs to keep but rarely is able to.

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