GAP Coverage

Consumers fear catastrophic loss and inability to manage an ever-expanding level of debt when a vehicle is purchased. Economic pressures require consumers to seek protection that provides direct financial security from the loss of the financed vehicle - not only for themselves but for their family members as well.

RateGenius provides coverage, typically called GAP insurance or GAP coverage, which in the event of a total loss of the covered vehicle, the difference between the primary insurance carrier's loss settlement and the outstanding balance under the provisions of the financial agreement up to $50,000 will be waived.

In other words, GAP insurance covers the difference between what your car is worth (the book value) and what you still owe on it. In many cases, the difference between what you owe and what your vehicle is worth is thousands of dollars.

What makes RateGenius' Program unique?

  • All-risk protection
  • No MSRP or ACV restriction for motor vehicles
  • Motor vehicles valued up to $125,000 at time of sale are eligible
  • No model year restriction
  • Available for recreational vehicles, power sports, and watercraft
  • Protection Plus Option provides an additional $1,000 benefit

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