Month: October 2017

by Julia Guardione

Beware of These Dealership Tricks

Dealership Tricks The bait and switch Yes, this is actually done at the dealerships. A “great deal” will be advertised through the dealership, but when you get there, the car has been “sold” and the salesperson attempts to sell you the “available”, pricier model. Call ahead to confirm the pricing and availability of the advertised […]

by Julia Guardione

Recent Grads Credit Misconception

Aside from a credit card or two, most recent graduates don’t have much of a credit history – a valuable component to building a good credit score. Many believe that the car their parents co-signed to help them purchase during their college years will help to establish their credit worth; however, it will have minimal […]

by Julia Guardione

Maintenance Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

The easiest way to save money on repairs is to actually do the preventative maintenance. Many people avoid things like oil changes, replacing filters, and tire rotation, but ignoring these simple and regular tasks could lead to much more costly and dangerous results. Of course, doing these things yourself is the most cost-effective method, but […]

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