Completing the Process

After RateGenius negotiates the best loan for your vehicle, a loan agreement is emailed or delivered to you. Upon reviewing the details of the contract with your loan specialist, you sign the appropriate paperwork and return it to RateGenius via the provided pre-paid postage envelope.

Once your completed paperwork is received, our fulfillment team manages the last steps. A check for the remaining balance of your old auto loan is paid in full to your former lender. Any insurance or warranty paperwork is sent to the appropriate companies. Finally, your vehicle's title is transferred to the new lender, and the process is complete.

At that point, you will receive an email letting you know that funding has been complete. Please make sure to note your new payment date and your new lender. Typically ten days prior to your first payment date on your new loan, you will receive information from your new lender regarding payment instructions. If you have questions, contact information for your new lender is included in your document package or can be found within the lender's webpage. You can always contact your loan specialist for assistance as well.

As you can see, it is easy to refinance your auto loan with RateGenius. Apply online or by phone toll-free 1-866-728-3436.

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