Application Questions

  • Q: How long does the entire process take?
    A: rateGenius moves quickly to expedite the refinancing of your auto loan. The application takes only a few minutes and within 24-48 hours, rateGenius can put you on the road to saving thousands by refinancing your car, truck or SUV.

  • Q: Do I have to give you my social security number?
    A: Your social security number is necessary in order to make an inquiry into your credit history. Keep in mind, your privacy and protection is of great concern and high priority to rateGenius. All information is obtained securely and guarded in our system. See Security Statement

  • Q: I don't have my VIN number, mileage or all the information.
    A: Enter whatever information you have now and you can complete the application at a later date. Before closing the site, make note of your Application ID on the screen. When you return to, enter the ID and the application will continue from the page you last visited. You can also edit previously entered fields as well as add new information.

  • Q: Where can I find my VIN number?
    A: You can easily find the 17 digit number and letter sequence on your insurance card, registration, original purchase paperwork or on your vehicle's dash or the end of the driver's door. It is also known as the Vehicle ID Number or serial number.

  • Q: Can I apply if I am part-time, unemployed, self-employed, a homemaker or retired?
    A: Currently, only persons with proof of steady household income such as retired, self-employed and employed individuals can apply for refinancing pending income requirements are met. Individuals considered self-employed will need to provide their Net Monthly Income (income after taxes and deductions as opposed to Gross Monthly Income). Part-time employees and homemakers may apply pending they meet income requirements and/or include a co-applicant to help meet those requirements.

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